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Susan Cohen DHHP


I am a passionate, loving, spiritual life guide and this is what I am meant to do as well as what I am meant to be.


Here is a segment of Susan's educational history;

Susan began her career in the field of accounting. Despite a successful career, Susan sought work that would be more fulfilling and more meaningful in her life.

The search ended with a three-year intensive program at the Hahnemann College for Heilkunst (HCH) from which Susan graduated in 2004. She began working as a Heilknstler all the while deepening her knowledge in the field through continued education at the HCH as well as post-graduate studies at Novalis Organon.

Navigating through the endlessly changing landscape of new health studies and discoveries is not an easy task. Susan is an avid researcher, up-to-date with current information, who helps her clients decide the course of treatment that will best suit their needs.

Over the years, Susan has added the application of the NeuroSCENAR and Bioresonance technology to enhance and further her practice and her ability to help clients achieve health. More recently, Susan has added the Mind Detox Method (MDM) as well as Life, Health and Consciousness coaching to her repetoire.

Susan is a member of the National Association of Naturopaths (N.A.N.).


 Follow your bliss.
   ~ Joseph Campbell