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What is Heilkunst?

The quick answer:

Heilkunst is a treatment process that uses homeopathic remedies to change the environment within the client so as to allow the body to heal itself.

The longer answer:

"Heilkunst" is a German term that can be translated as the art and true science of making whole. Though long forgotten, the true meaning of the word art is relevant in the practice of Heilkunst. From Webster's dictionary, art is the adaptation of things in the natural world to the uses of life; the application of knowledge or power to practical purposes.

Thus, Heilkunst is the application of knowledge acquired from nature to make a person whole, that is to obtain true and lasting health. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, wrote that, the physician's highest and only calling is to make the sick healthy, to cure as it is called. He carefully selected the term Heilkunst to describe the medical system he used to help his patients achieve full and uncompromising health.

Heilkunst is a holistic medical system that takes into account a person's lifestyle and their physical requirements for optimum health, as well as targeting the diseases that are embodied within the person. Heilkunst often involves the use of Sequential Treatment (which is explained more thoroughly in the "What is Sequential Treatment" section of this website) is used to treat the lasting emotional and physical traumas left on the body by life experiences.

What is Sequential Treatment?

Sequential Treatment addresses the lasting emotional and physical traumas that have left a residue on a person's physical body and life force by these life experiences. Though there are many names for this force (such as chi, prana, the soul), most people accept that there is an unseen force that animates the body. This treatment aims at dealing with the traumas that a person has experienced, whether they are physical or emotional, or a combination of the two. Sequential treatment starts with the present time and works backwards, treating all the major (to the client) shocks with one of the facits of Heilkunst - whether they are physical remedies or a clarity gained through the acquisition of relevant information or a change in outlook - all of which will change the state of mind so that the body may then heal itself.


What is Homeopathy?

The history of homeopathy is very interesting, and it is suggested reading should you desire to understand how the remedies that I use were discovered.


The Definition of Homeopathy
The word "Homeopathy" means similar suffering. The relevance of the word is based on Hahnemann's discovery of treating disease with the use of a substance that will engender similar symptoms (to the disease) in a relatively healthy person.

Hahnemann's first experiment with Homeopathy was when, in a healthy state, he ingested the Peruvian cinchona tree's bark after reading that it was used to treat Malaria. Following the dose, he began to experience Malarial symptoms. It was an "aha!" moment which proved to Hahnemann that the Law of Similars was true. If like does cure like, he concluded, then it made perfect sense that cinchona bark would be used to cure Malaria.

Many detailed histories of Homeopathy are available online or in print. My recommended reading list includes:

The Dynamic Legacy by Rudolf Verspoor


Here is a great video that explains why traumas have an effect on your life;