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Susan was both a practitioner and a mentor to me. As a practitioner, she treated my timeline through sequential treatment over the course of a few years. In our meetings she was attentive and informative, and between sessions she stayed connected and answered any questions I sent her way. Susan recommend other forms of therapy (osteopathy, for example) when it was necessary for my healing process, and also gave me great advice about diet, exercise and even reading material. As a mentor she was encouraging, and always accessible. She is intuitive, resourceful, and forever expanding her knowledge. I don't think I've had one meeting with her where we weren't talking about something new she was learning. Above all, I trust her.

Jennifer B., Montreal

Susan has been a friend and mentor for many years and recently became my practitioner. She is thorough, insightful, and grounded in her approach to Heilkunst. Her ongoing research into other modalities and approaches to health and healing are incorporated into her practice in a mindful way, and as her client, I know I benefit from Susan's endlessly inquiring mind. I love her direct manner, it is reassuring (and so refreshing) to engage in dialogue that is grounded in both truth and trust. Acute issues have resolved quickly, and my chronic health issue has seen tremendous progress in the past few months. Thank you Susan!

Venetia, Calgary


If you are looking for a compassionate practitioner, who will guide you and support you through your evolution process with lots of love and warmth, Susan Cohen is the one! My daughter and I have been in treatment for five years now. With Susan's help I have been able to eradicate my repeated sore throats, chronic cough, and sciatica but the most important is that I changed my life for better in every sense of that word. My child has blossomed since the beginning of the treatment, with better sleep, less hyperactivity, less susceptibility to viruses and bacteria etc.
I was a little bit skeptical about the treatment being carried out long distance, but I can assure all potential clients that is no problem at all. Susan checks her emails as often as anyone would answer your phone call in your own city. She is readily available for acute consultations (although you do not pay for these, what is so different than in allopathic medicine) and efficient in the same, likewise. I congratulate myself every day for choosing her to be my practitioner and more importantly, my true life-coach!


Lana Milavic
Homeopathy & Heilkunst student
Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina


When I first began my journey into Homeopathy (Heilkunst) it started out as a term we learn very well in our school, a duality: I was a patient but also a student. You needed to be able to see, feel and know just as your patients would, so this is where I began. What first pushed me in this direction was when I became pregnant with my son and the questions of, "Is there such a thing as true health?"If so there has to be a better way to obtain this, began to flood my mind. I was no longer comfortable with taking the road of conventional medicine. I wanted a system that would be able to care for my family and myself and I would often say to myself, There has got to be something out there that cures rather than masks and leaves us feeling worse, there just has to be. Heilkunst fell into my lap one day from a friend who directed me to their website. As I began to scroll and read a light went on and soon I realized this is what I had been looking for, a form of medicine that would bring a platform of truth, one that is based on science through actual observation and principle, does not induce fear or rule in guilt and does not waiver nor shift like sand. It addressed all the realms that to me a true system of health must encompass: the mind, the many facets of regimen, and of course the one we all know and relate to often; the physical. It just made sense!

When I began treatment it was slow, gentle and so non-evasive. It truly felt like a wave lapping away at the rough edges of both my mind and physical being. I began to see changes take place within weeks.  My hormones and sleep patterns were improving along with other physical symptoms.  My mind was clearing and lifting from a place it had been for so long and I began to see life in a very different way, it was as though a veil was being lifted from my eyes. I can tell you if you want  true, sound health and are ready to move through the path at the pace you yourself, not the practitioner will take you, then Heilkunst is a place where you can begin that gentle journey. Susan has walked me through births, deaths, emotional traumas, physical illnesses and many fears. She offered me healing through her participating innate abilities to choose the correct remedy based on my emotional state of my mind and physical symptoms. She offered, never pushed, her sound counsel and wisdom she has worked so hard at and gained as a practitioner, which to me is the art of a true physician. This is an innate but vital task that takes time, waiting calmly for your patients to slowly and graciously trust and allow you in to their utmost intimate and vulnerable place so you can then begin to gently guide but ultimately allow them to see all on their own what that true picture of health really looks like. This is my hope and desire, to be able to see, feel and know my patients one day, as deeply and on a level Susan has done so graciously for me. Thank you Susan.

Audrey S. Miller

British Columbia, Canada

Susan is a wonderfully gifted practitioner. Her incredible intuition enables her to know just what remedy to give and when. Her knowledge is second to none. But, more importantly, she is a compassionate person and takes the time to explain the healing process, answer questions and be there when you need her the most. I am so grateful that Susan has come into my life. She has helped guide me to true health or, should I say, radiant health.

- Lisa R.