This Is Such Bullshit

By: Susan Cohen

A Peek Behind the Veil of Illusion

I am aiming to, and hopefully accomplishing, the task of uncovering the evil of misinformation and untruths that abound in our (flat? round?) world. I endeavour to awaken your instinct that will guide you to truths, to true knowledge, as well as uncovering your own deeply buried childlike questioning of everything and all that you encounter.

Why is the sky blue? Why can a sunset be pink? If the earth is actually round, why is there no curvature on the horizon when I can see for miles and miles? If gravity is a law, and all things fall towards the earth, how can a tree or a flower grow towards the sun and not fall towards the earth from whence it emerges?

Yes, there is much to uncover and disclose, and in so doing the final confrontation between good and evil might come to pass. Take nothing for granted and never at face value!


I have my immensely wonderful son Zac to thank for the title of this book – it was his favourite saying when things just pissed him off.  These people and events that angered him because he didn’t want it/them to be true and/or real and in his physical, material world. As in going from 50 and 60-hour study weeks in acting school, which he loved, to 35 hours of mind-numbing work delivering food and prepping the kitchen. Gotta pay the rent and have money for food. After asking him how he’s doing, the pat answer was “This is such bullshit.”  The upwards-of 60 hours in school was a joy, it was intense, busy, all-encompassing but totally amazing as he loved what he studied, it fed him and fuelled him.  The 35 hours of a “job” that is being performed solely in order to make some money so that he can go back to loving life is the bullshit part.  He has been using this phrase for years, and you know what, he is totally 100% correct. It is bullshit.